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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Battle of Cowshed Summary.

It was going to be a normal day in October, but something changed it all. Mr. Jones, his men and six others from the neighbouring farms were attacking the farm, hoping to regain control over animal farm. They were all armed with sticks except for Jones himself, who carried a gun.
The animals, thanks to snowball, who knew a bit about battle after reading it up, were prepared. When the men 1st charged, snowball, Benjamin, Muriel and the sheep attacked back, but it was a trap, and the men who traveled further in were surrounded by the other animals who attacked relentlessly. Snowball was wounded while trying to attack jones, but it was not serious, boxer “killed” a stable-lad, and because of the gun, one sheep was killed. The cowardly enemy fled after seeing boxer stun the stable-lad and the invasion was over.
In all the confusion, no one noticed mollie was missing until after the battle, and boxer, who was miserable because he thought he had killed the stable-lad, was cheered by the knowledge that he did not kill the stable-lad, but only stunned him. They knew this because by the time they had found mollie, the stable-lad had recovered and taken flight.
Finally, boxer and snowball are awarded the medal “animal hero 1st class”, and the dead sheep is awarded “animal hero 2nd class”.


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